Erico Rocha Thanks Jeff Walker and his Master Mind->LIGUE:51981284195-OU-WHATSAPP:51981284195-RAFAEL-NOVA

Erico Rocha Thanks Jeff Walker and his Master Mind->LIGUE:51981284195-OU-WHATSAPP:51981284195-RAFAEL-NOVA

– Erico Rocha thanks a Jeff Walker and his Mastermind for believing him…

Erico Rocha agracede Jeff Walker e so seu Mastermind (Plat Plus) por acreditar nele…


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  1. Uauu!!! Eu não entendo inglês, mas entendi todo o agradecimento, é bem louco dizer isso, mas é verdade, ele acreditou e acredita em você pela pessoa que você é. Valeu Mentor!

  2. Excelente,vi este vídeo e busquei informações sobre o rapaz que você cita,muito interessante,não falo muito inglês,mas entendo muito bem,adicionei o canal do you tube dele e vou ficar acompanhando também!!!

  3. Lance Erico estar no formula realmente é algo mágico tamo junto bora lá entrar em campo e não perder por WO, abraços muito obrigado por estar neste grupo abençoado.

  4. Thank you @Jeff Walker because one day you decided to share all your knowlodgement throughout the world. Your message has been and will be echoing to lots of people from all over the world. I'm one of them. I live in the Amazon Jungle and I always had this dream of being an entrepreneur, living my passion and helping people to achieve their's. I believe that I have one of the most powerful tools for that: the Launch Formula. But I have something more special. I have the friendship and I'm connected to very special people. Thank you @Erico Rocha for this. You're amazing. Laaaance!

  5. An idea in the head, a belief in heart and the teachings of @Jeff Walker and @Erico Rocha are able to completely change the lives of many people, as are changing my family's life. A big thank you guys!

  6. Hi Erico, I appreciate your disposal and commitment to share knowledge. For the Erico's Master Mind, you have formed a fantastic person and a professional. For Jeff Walker, Mancertainly one of his best disciples.

  7. Thank you Erico! You teach us because you believe in us. Like Jeff believe in you. Live is it. We receive plus more than we gave. 

  8. This is what true entrepreneurship is! Growing, contribuiting and making a diffence in the world to become a better place! Thank you Erico Rocha, Jeff Walker, Sebastian, Andrei and all the other MasterMind members, this is awesome! This is just the beginning! 🙂

  9. Fl was Amazing ! Thank you JW and ER ! Change people, change lifes ! FL 2014 we will meet next year !

  10. Thank you @Erico Rocha and @Jeff Walker! I don't have words to describe how incredible the FL event was. It changed my life forever! Thank you again. 

  11. Thanks to Jeff, Erico, Sebastiam and Parabelo by compartiharem their knowledge with us, I am very grateful for the teachings I have received through this system that has changed thousands of lives.

  12. Thank you +Jeff Walker and +Erico Rocha, my live is special now because people like you.

  13. I can say withou a doubt that it was the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life. Thank you Erico and Jeff for being such amazing people and cause a tremendous transformation in our lives. God bless you all!!! = )

  14. More people are integrated into the greater good that is transforming lives. Erico you can not be outgrown the master Jeff, but it raised the expectations very of lives of your many learners. I am one of them. Thanks Erico Rocha and Jeff Walker.

  15. Thanks Jeff Walker for a day have believed in Erico Rocha. Make sure your decision for the lives of many people are turning in Brazil. It is people like Erico and Jeff Walker who make a difference in the world. Our minds were opened to a new business opportunity. Thank you very much mages Digital Marketin. Friendly hugs
    Donizete Cardinal Antonio Santana

  16. I am full of emotions, I am really very very very happy for this integration, for this great way of changing life, changing thoughts, changing the world. It's possible, I believe now more than before and less than tomorrow. The life became better with the PLF (USA) and the FL (Brazil) in integration, LLLLAANNNCEEE! LLLLAAUUNNCHHHH! Great! Great. Thanks Érico Rocha + Jeff Walker + USA Mastermind!

  17. Thank you Erico for sharing. Thanks for your teaching and support. Thanks Jeff Walker and everyone in his Master Mind for having started and supported all this!! You are transforming the world into a better place!

  18. Thanks Erico, Thanks Jeff. Thanks for sharing with the world the launch formula.

  19. Very Very Very thank you Master Mind and Jeff Walker! Erico Rocha is changing  lives in Brazil! It's Fantastic!

  20. Thank you Jeff Walker, Sebastian and Erico´s MasterMind… You are teaching Erico and it´s change my way and my life. Regards!!!!  

  21. Jeff and Master Mind, the Erico is inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs realize their dreams and help make Brazil a much better country. Thank you !

  22. Thanks Erico, all his family and staff. There were 3 magical days I witnessed with you. And in those three days I learned how to use this "magic" to transform my dreams come true!

  23. Thanks you Erico, Jeff Walker and everyone of your Master Mind, you are changing dreams, lives and the entrepreneurship in Brazil.

  24. Thank you Jeff for believing in Erico more than himself, thank you Erico for believing in me more than myself. You're my master (Erico) and grandmaster (Jeff).

  25. Thank you Erico and all the people of the Master Mind for all support and for believing in me more than myself. It's making all the difference in my life and inspiring me to overcome myself and be better.

  26. Thank You Jeff Walker for teaching so well Erico Rocha!!! He become a great teacher of us in Brazil and is helping many people in our country!!!
    Warm Regards,

  27. Thanks Jeff Wlaker and Mastermind of Erico Rocha group to help him you are contributing to the improvement of several Brazilian entrepreneurs. Erico this is your mission, going forward we will transform Brazil through a new entrepreneurship!

  28. My Very Thanks Jeff Walker … The formula Release is incredible, is changing my life and more than 750 people in Brazil …

  29. Hi Erico, Jeff Walker and everybody, sorry because my english is not good.
    I wold like to thanks for you change lives and my life is changing know.
    Know I had a half million of reals less because my company is not good and i have sure, 2014 will be my better year because you..


  30. Hey guys, thank you SO MUCH for creating this possibility and changing my life through @Erico Rocha … And empowering me to change so many other lives… I'm so grateful for that…


  31. Thanks to whom believed in Érico….this made possible to have Launch Formula here in Brazil and making our dreams come true! It's been wonderful!!

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